Month: November 2017

Torres Del Paine

One of the many unusual things about Ecocamp is that it’s located inside of Torres Del Paine National Park. How they got away with that I don’t know. Riding in the bus inside the park, we passed a parking lot, the farthest point that cars are allowed to go. From there, people have to hike …

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It’s Saturday, and I haven’t had Internet for three days.  It really hasn’t been that bad.  I think I need to unplug more.  At any rate, we’re back in El Calafate, and I can post pictures from the past few days. Wednesday was a travel day.   We started the day with an early trip to …

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Sea Lions

Yesterday we took a boat trip on the Beagle channel.  It did not bode well when the captain welcomed us to our “three hour cruise.” The first stop we made was an island filled with birds. The next stop was another island, home to a colony of sea lions.  I’d never seen a sea lion …

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El Calafate

Today we took a boat trip on the Beagle Channel.  The highlight of the trip was pulling up close to an island with sea lions.  I have pictures and a short video, which I will post in a few days. Actually, here’s one: And for you Game of Thrones fans, here’s one that might freak …

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Penguin Day

Our bus picked us up at about 8 AM, and we rode east — a lot farther than we thought we were going. The long ride over gravel roads gave Mrs. Moses some car-sickness, which she handled like a champ. We were heading to the Beagle Channel en route to Gable Island. We started the …

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Bottom of the World

Today we spent the day at Tierra Del Fuego National Park. We started the day with a hike. Our group consisted of 13 hikers, our guide Joaquin, a paddling guide, and our driver. The 13 of us were from France, Holland, Australia, and the USA. There was one other couple from the US (Denver), but …

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First Day

Today was a travel day. I was dreading the redeye flight from Atlanta to Buenos Ares. The memory I have of the last redeye I took was of a long night of half-sleep and feeling like death warmed over when I staggered off the plane. But on this flight, we were sitting in Delta’s Comfort …

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We’re leaving for Patagonia tonight.  First, a redeye flight to Buenos Ares, which might mean “good air” in Spanish.  I don’t know Spanish. I created this site as a travelogue.  Hopefully, I will take some good pictures and have some good stories and share them here.